Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Das Melanchthonianum am Universitäsplatz.

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Staff (Medical faculty excluded)

Last update: 31.12.2023

budget financedthird party financed
Scientific Staff1.000478
Non-Scientific Staff (and apprentice)1.020 / 3437 / 0
Research assistants and student assistants883287

Last update: 31.12.2023

Note: In comparison with the figures from official statistics, the following information on students includes guest students, students on leave of absence and Studienkollegiate students.

Fall semester 2019/20Fall semester 2020/21Fall semester 2021/22Fall semester 2022/23
Overall number of students21.44321.42720.77419.943
Percentage female Students12.17412.27712.11011.771
Foreign Students1.9581.9912.0401.990
Percentage female Students1.0571.0741.1011.086

Finances (medical faculty excluded)

State-subsidized (m €)156,4160,4165,6166,3176,1

Source: Staff Unit for University Planning and Information Management, Statistics and Controlling Division