Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Das Melanchthonianum am Universitäsplatz.



Universitätsplatz 10
06108 Halle


Stabsstelle für Hochschulplanung u. Informationsmanagement
Bereich Qualitätssicherung und Berichtswesen
06099 Halle

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Subdivision Quality Assurance and Reporting Activities

Subdivision Quality Assurance and Reporting Activities deals with strategies and the allocation of supporting tools to internally control the university's quality assurance in the fields of teaching, research and development. Besides, subdivision creates transparency of costs and performance as well as external reporting by its reporting system.

Its main task is to provide consistent and clear data, analyses and graphics to the different departments, faculties and the university administration. Hereby the information quality of data, the traceability of findings and the autonomous building as well as the self dependent use are of particular importance.