Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Das Melanchthonianum am Universitäsplatz.



Universitätsplatz 8/9
06108 Halle

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Subdivision Statistics and Controlling

The tasks of this area include statistics, the LVVO and the establishment and expansion of university controlling. Extensive statistical data relating to the interests of the university are kept available. On the basis of this pool of information and data, statistical enquiries regarding the fulfilment of the university's tasks in teaching, research and self-administration can be answered and temporal progressions, developments and trends can be documented and evaluated. In addition, the analysis of this data is supported by the development of target group-specific monitoring.

The department is also responsible for fulfilling all of the university's reporting obligations required by the Finance and Personnel Statistics Act, the Higher Education Statistics Act and various state regulations. Content, formal and deadline requirements and regulations must be observed and complied with.