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Gender Controlling

As part of the Women Professors Programme III, a development and Evaluation project with the focus on "gender controlling" established. With support the reporting system, statistical evaluations and other appropriate measures, the project should shed light on university gender equality work and ensure progress in the fulfilment of the MLU's equality mandate.
The development goal of the project is to establish a system for collecting gender-related data in the context of gender-sensitive university planning. Equality and equal opportunities for all genders are to be realized in this context through the development of appropriate promotional measures. In addition, it is important to anchor equality as a permanent cross-cutting task within the university and to integrate equality goals into the strategy, structures and to integrate ongoing planning and control processes.


Mr. Dr. Andrej Machno (0345) 55-2 13 37Project management
Mrs. Luise Friederich (0345) 55-2 16 55Project coordination