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Prorektorat für Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung
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Substitute Professorships

When can a vacant professorship be filled with a substitute?

Procedure for the first semester after vacancy of professorship

Usually, a professorship cannot be substituted in the first semester after it becomes vacant. In this so-called "vacancy semester", teaching assignments can be arranged, financed by the budget of the faculty.

Procedure for the second semester after vacancy of the professorship

As of the second semester, a vacant professorship may be substituted if this is necessary to maintain the service, especially in teaching. The Rectorate assessess the need for a substitute in individual cases. If the need for a substitute is recognized, the agreement may even be concluded for a period of two semesters.

If a substitution (from the second semester on) is not approved or does not occur for other reasons, the faculty may issue one or more teaching assignments with a cumulative volume of up to 8 SWS. The expenses for this will be reimbursed from central funds.

Application to serve as substitute in a vacant professorship (standard case)

Since winter semester 2021/22, a two-step procedure has been used to apply for the replacement of a vacant professorship. In a first step, it is determined whether a substitute will be named to the vacant professorship or whether teaching will be covered by teaching assignments. In a second step, if the Rectorate approves the use of a substitute, the Rectorate then selects a substitute based on applications from the faculty.

Handout on the procedure

Procedure for substitute professorships

Verfahrensweise_Vertretungsprofessuren.pdf (internal only) (233.7 KB)  vom 10.03.2023

Notification faculties substitute professorships / teaching assignments

Table notification faculty substitute professorships
Meldung_Fakultät_Vertretungsprofessuren.xlsx (internal only) (10.5 KB)  vom 29.03.2023

Table notification faculty teaching assignments
Meldung_Fakultät_Lehraufträge.xlsx (8.9 KB)  vom 29.03.2023

Application form substitute professorship / teaching assigment

Application form substitute professorship
Antragsformular_Vertretungsprofessur_2020-10.pdf (internal only) (113.7 KB)  vom 04.02.2022

Table notification faculty teaching assignments (for accounting)
Meldung_Fakultät_Lehrauftragsvergabe.xlsx (10.6 KB)  vom 29.03.2023